TOP Five Customer Trends

Customer Trends

TOP Five Customer Trends

In retail, one person is more important than anyone else — the customer! Without a loyal and supportive clientele, our businesses would not exist. Now more than ever retail businesses need to elevate their customer service practices in order to continually satisfy those wonderful customers. This is vital in a competitive, crowded and rapidly changing business like ours.

People in 2019 tend to shop more cleverly, while expecting nothing less than excellence. Keeping customer service at the highest possible level is essential, especially when something goes wrong. If retail business owners want to retain their customer base and be equal to, or better than the competition, they must build consistently maintained standards into their customer service offering.

Here are the top 5 customer service trends for beauty retail that no-one in the beauty field should ignore…


We’ve seen ‘personalisation’ before, but as time goes by, we see it constantly taking on different forms — from monthly beauty box subscriptions personalised to suit the skin types and tastes of the recipients…to bespoke personalised emails.

Innovative personalised products are on the rise too. For example, Lancôme recently introduced custom foundation that not only features a customer’s name on the bottle, it can also be an exact colour match and formula depending on their individual requirements.


Having a knowledgeable person ready to help when things get complicated is the best, isn’t it? Whether you need advice from an expert on what to buy, or if you just want to check the delivery cost, it’s comforting to know you aren’t alone. The feeling of trust is exactly what customers need in order to more easily make a purchase. The latest trend comes from artificial intelligence. Chat-bots (not an actual person) have the ability to serve the customer as they can ‘understand’ their frustration on any level. Having the option of live chats is the way to go.  

Proactive Thinking

Understanding what might cause customers any confusion during an online shopping experience is essential. Recognising potential problems and eliminating them before they have a chance to occur is key to a successful visit. Happy customers equal less complaints!

Alternative Support Channels

We live in a world ruled by social media and other means of electronic communication — but these are all vulnerable to glitches and breakdowns. Therefore, it is vital to have a strong support system behind such platforms. Solid back-up increases customer engagement with a brand or retail outlet and makes crisis management faster, should an unfortunate event occur.

Faster Movements

Adapting to changes as quickly as possible is one of the best tactics a business can adopt in 2019. Keep an eye on what your competition has to offer (that you don’t). Showcase the latest technology for the customer’s benefit.

Sticking with outdated customer services is DEFINITELY NOT an option for continuing success. Read More: TOP FIVE BEAUTY INNOVATION TRENDS

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