Retailing Trends

Retailing Trends

Own a hair salon or spa? Looking for ways to ensure your brand is keeping up with current retailing trends? No worries! Here are some of the hottest trends you can use as inspiration when making your own business strategies and filling out those goal sheets…


Clients who’ve just had their hair styled love to show it off — so why not make it easier for them by setting up a ‘selfie station’? Once your client’s hair is perfect, ask him or her to snap a quick selfie and tag your salon in the photo when posting it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Those selfies will show off your work and promote your business every time they’re seen or shared.


We’ve all been greeted with a pop-up chat-bot within seconds of landing on a popular retail site. Programmed to interact with website visitors and help guide them to what that are looking for, chat-bots are popular among salons and haircare retailers. They can answer most common questions, thus minimising the number of calls to your overworked receptionist.



Some guys enjoy being pampered. Occasionally they find themselves wanting to get styled at a fancy salon instead of a barbershop. For this very reason, many salons have had success offering curated services for men. If you’re unfamiliar with men’s grooming, enroll in some continuing education courses or hire a professional grooming specialist.

Retailing trends for hair salons are constantly changing to accommodate advancements in technology and demand. Make sure you consider the above salon trends when determining how to differentiate your business from others in such a competitive industry. Read More: TOP FIVE CUSTOMER TRENDS