Top Five Beauty Innovation Trends

As technology and science rise on levels that no one could imagine a few years ago, things are changing fast and drastically in the beauty industry field. New rare ingredients are included in high end fragrances, our mobile phones turn into skin consulting robots and collaborations between tech and beauty brands are finally a reality. All these exciting innovations not only help brands with their newest product selections, but also  benefit the customers in the most effective way.

And just when we thought we have seen everything in the beauty section, here are the top 5 beauty innovation trends that won’t let anyone down.

Technology & Skincare 

The truth is that we are familiar with devices that are meant for blemish healing or for their anti-aging benefits. As the years go by, more and more women as well as men are willing to try things like that for their skincare routine.

However, the need for more in depth and personalized solutions is now stronger than ever. As a result, big names like La Roche-Posay and many more, combine technology and their scientific expertise ending up creating products such as bracelets that remind you when you need to re-apply SPF, sensors with led lights attached to our phones and analyzing our skin’s condition daily or even how effective are the skincare products we use.

Technology & Makeup

Similar to the skincare scene, makeup follows with different types of innovative systems that will definitely better the shopping experience for the customers both online and offline at the makeup counters.

Technology once again makes everyone’s life easier by creating custom foundation devices for the perfect color and formula. The most recent addition is the teaming up of the renowned color expert Pantone company with a sensor maker in order to help beauty brands showcase better their products and consumers to buy more confidently from mobile websites and applications through color management technology.

Unique Formulations

Unique formulations that make a certain product customizable and depend on the person’s characteristics are the next big thing that more and more brands are acquiring for stronger bonding with their audience.

Lipsticks, lip-glosses and cheek products like cream blushes, turn into the unique color of the one who is wearing them due to the different pH levels of each person’s skin.


Customization could not be missed from the trends in the fragrance area. Fragrances of mass production have lost their previous glory. Year after year people tend to love more personal, one of a kind scents with a luxurious feel infused into them.

Signature, authentic fragrances with a unisex feel are the fragrances of the future. Gender fluidity combined with rare ingredients that people haven’t heard before is the new wave of innovation that will satisfy even the pickiest audiences.

Hair Care

Concerning the haircare scene, self heating hair masks that help the mask’s ingredients penetrate deeper and more effectively are the newest innovation in the hair world along with haircare lines that are totally customizable.

Women and men no matter their age want products like shampoos, masks and conditioners targeted towards their specific needs. A range that you will be able to select the level of lathering or how hydrating your hair products are is on the works.

The future is surely on our side!














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