Top Five Customer Trends

For Beauty and Retail

When it comes to retail, we could definitely admit that just one thing is more important than anything else. What is it? The customer of course. Without the loyal and supportive customer, nothing would have ever been possible. With that being said, retail businesses need to try now more than ever before to elevate their customer service practices in order to satisfy their customers.

Especially when we are talking about a competitive and crowded industry like the beauty industry, things are changing extremely fast. As people in 2018 tend to shop more cleverly, while expecting nothing less than excellence. When something goes wrong, keeping the customer service’s standards as high as possible is essential. If retail business owners want to retain their customer base and be equal or much better than the competition they should put most of their efforts on the customer service department.

Here are the top 5 customer service trends for beauty retail that no one involved in this field should ignore.


We have seen it before, but as the time goes by we are seeing it constantly taking different forms on many businesses. From monthly beauty box subscriptions personalized to suit the skin type and tastes of the recipient to personalized emails. The most innovative thing that will rise this period are personalized products as well. For example, Lancôme introduced custom foundation about one year ago that cannot only feature one’s name on the bottle, but also be the exact color match and formula depending on each customer’s needs.


Having a person with knowledge ready to help you when things get complicated is the best, isn’t it? Whether you need advice from an expert on what to buy or just want to ask about the cost of delivery, it is very comforting to know that you aren’t alone. The feeling of trust is exactly what people need in order to make the purchase more easily. The latest trend comes from artificial intelligence. Chat-bots (and not an actual person) that have the ability to serve the customer as they can understand their frustration on any level. Having the option of live chats is the way to go.  

Proactive Thinking

Thinking about how customers would be happier while shopping and trying to understand what could cause them any trouble during those moments and repairing it, is essential. Eliminating all these things even before they appear is the key to success. Happy customer equals less complains.    

Alternative Support Channels

As we live in a world where social media and other ways of communication like emails, rule all the other ways around, having a strong support system on all of these platforms is a necessity. It increases the engagement with a brand or a retail shop and makes crisis management faster in case an unfortunate event occurs.

Faster Movements

Adapting to changes as fast as possible by seeing what the competition has to offer that you haven’t or showcasing the newest technology for the customer favor is one of the best tactics a business could acquire in 2018. Staying in the old outdated customer services is not an option for the road to thrive.






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