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Future of Beauty Retailing & Customer Profiling

With the ever-changing advancements of technology, the most successful beauty retailers have learned to quickly adapt. As with any other industry, those who are involved in the world of beauty are constantly looking for ways to prepare for the future....

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3 Top Tips To Being A Beauty Blogger

With the increasing popularity of online blogging and "vlogging", men and women around the globe have a ton of reading or viewing material options at their fingertips. Have you ever wondered how successful beauty bloggers were able to make a name for...

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Direct Sales; Beauty Companies Trends & Innovation

Though online purchases are on the rise, direct sales can indeed still thrive! Curious how direct sales companies have been able to successfully survive the online revolution? The keys to direct sale survival is an adaptation, innovation and resilience....

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Retailing Trends: Hair Salon

Own a hair salon or spa and looking for ways to make sure your brand is keeping up with current retailing trends? No worries! Here are some of the hottest trends that you can use as inspiration when making your own business strategies and filling out goal...

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Top 5 Customer Trends

When it comes to retail, we could definitely admit that just one thing is more important than anything else. What is it? The customer of course. Without the loyal and supportive customer, nothing would have ever been possible. With that being said, retail...

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Top Five Beauty Innovation Trends

As technology and science rise on levels that no one could imagine a few years ago, things are changing fast and drastically in the beauty industry field. New rare ingredients are included in high end fragrances, our mobile phones turn into skin consulting...

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