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Beauty Companies Trends & Innovation

Though online purchases are on the rise, direct sales can indeed still thrive! Curious how direct sales companies have been able to successfully survive the online revolution? The keys to direct sale survival is an adaptation, innovation and resilience. Need some inspiration or motivation when it comes to planning your direct sale strategies? Here’s a look at some of the hottest and ultra current direct sales beauty trends.

A Focus On Innovation

Have you ever noticed the most talked about beauty products are the ones that are the most unique and highly innovative? Well, innovative products create a buzz! It’s true. Innovation and trendiness go hand in hand, leaving direct sales beauty companies to focus on developing products that stand out among the endless sea of others.

On-the-Spot Demonstrations

Consumers are more likely to purchase a beauty or hair care product if they can experience it first-hand before buying. To render a comfortable customer experience for their customers, direct sales beauty companies have been focusing on providing in-person, up close and personal demonstrations that put the spotlight on their bestsellers.

Gender-Neutral Products

While the beauty industry has typically been geared toward women, men are starting to experiment with cosmetics and hair care products. Though there are brands that specialize in products for men, this separation can cause confusion. This is why some direct sales beauty companies have been giving gender-neutral products a try. The formulas don’t necessarily have to differ but it’s all about the packaging. Try opting for packages that appeal to both men and women.

If you own and operate a direct sales beauty company, chances are you have already learned ways to make your brand shine bright. Focus on innovation, start offering personal demonstrations and mix up your product selection to prepare your company to withstand the test of time and technology.



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