3 Top Tips To Being A Beauty Blogger

How to Succeed as a Beauty Blogger

With the increasing popularity of online blogging and “vlogging”, men and women around the globe have a ton of reading or viewing material options at their fingertips. Have you ever wondered how successful beauty bloggers were able to make a name for themselves? Here’s a look at some of the ways today’s most popular beauty bloggers have made themselves stand out among a competitive and crowded field.

Celebrity-Inspired Looks

Some big name beauty bloggers were launched into stardom by simply creating copycat looks. Choose a buzz-worthy celebrity and try to recreate his/her look. If you’re successful, record a video, throw it up online and then promote it a bit. If the transformation is drastic enough, readers will flock to your blog to learn your secrets.

Brand Your Own Persona

You obviously don’t want to blend in, so you should instead focus on crafting your own branded image. Whether you dye your hair an unusual color or have unique traits, these differences will help put you on the map. The most popular beauty bloggers also offer their readers small peeks into their private lives to make viewers and readers feel like they’re learning from a close confidant.

Solve Common Problems

Most online searches are from users looking for solutions to their problems. This is why writing blogs or making video blogs (better known as vlogs) that offer solutions to common problems is a great way to start your blogging business. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer and brainstorm questions or concerns you might have. Then set out to answer them!

Now that you know some of the ways well-known beauty bloggers got started, are you ready to give it a go? All you need is a bit of ingenuity, a touch of creativity, a target audience and a whole lot of patience.



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