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I have worked in Deborah’s International Education Team for more than 4 years, and I would like to especially recognize her leadership and coaching skills. On various projects (like budget and events planning), I reported directly to her, and every time after a meeting, I came away feeling so much more motivated.

Deborah knows how to make people feel encouraged, capable & motivated even in complex situations, making you want do more things for her and the team!

Julia Seyateleva
Global Training Manager Proctor & Gamble

Deborah is an inspirational leader. She is highly skilled in her field of expertise and consistently delivers with passion and enthusiasm. Deborah shows incredible operational discipline when undertaking any task and collaborates effectively where needed in order to achieve the desired results.

Deborah possesses great coaching skills and will always encourage colleagues to seek to understand in order for them to grow in their capabilities.

Paul Benbow
National Training Manager Coty Luxury

I highly recommend Deborah as a very experienced leader in Education/Advocacy field. I worked with her for several years at Procter Gamble and then Coty where Deborah was leading global Education function in Fine Fragrances, Make-Up and Skin.

She was responsible for thousands of people, part being full-time employees and the majority being Beauty Consultants in-store.

Luba Pelikhova
HR VP North America -Professional Beauty Division Coty inc

Debbie is one of the best managers I ever had. Her extraordinary management style: great leadership and excellent people management, makes it very motivating to work with her. A professional lady with strong ideals: visionary, inspiring, lots of know-how from bottom to top.

It is very difficult to find people in the advocacy/training area who have a mind for the business, mind for the people and who know in detail how a BC needs to work (KPI& competencies…). This leads to excellent performance. She has proven continuous international breakthrough results in Fragrance, Makeup, Hair Care Professional. and cosmetics business.

A Moissan Consultant at GAP Partnership

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